• Alexandria Bagwell


My design portion of my website is live!!! If you'd like to skip reading about the process and just see the costumes (and stunning photos by Escobar Photography) click here! https://www.alexandriabagwell.com/designs

In my costume design class taught by my mentor Jessica Snyder Johnson, we learned that a helpful first step as a designer is to create a sensory board. I felt like a little girl in my mother's jewelry box taking these pictures!

The lavish world of The Great Gatsby looks like jewelry on a silver platter, as though they’re simple hors d’oeuvres for his party guests. Jewels overflow champagne flutes, and gemstone brooches pair well with the course. Tonight, opulence is served.

The designs sound like a photo being captured on this vintage 1922 Agfa. The snapshot briefly stops time, making a fleeting moment a permanent memento.

The world smells like a slow burning flame. The smoke is subtle but lingers on the hair of ladies and the collars of men like a well-kept secret or a sweet cigar.

The concept feels like a cold string of pearls wrapped around a nape craving warmth. With every compliment the pearls draw, their chill intensifies and can only be subdued by the warmth of a strong drink.

The palate tastes like a warm rose champagne with its iconic bubble and a playful hint of cranberry on your tongue.

That's the five senses I wanted the designs to feel like! If the descriptions enticed you, head on over to

https://www.alexandriabagwell.com/designs to see the costumes!


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