• Alexandria Bagwell

Meet our mascot...

Okay, okay so most of you have seen my social media flooded with her already, but I realized I haven't made a blog post about baby Pearl yet!

We adopted Pearl Saturday, February 29th. She's just been the most perfect addition to our family. Our vet described her fittingly as "a lot of dog in a tiny body" and nothing could be more true! Right now she loves any and all toys and often tries to get two in her mouth at the same time. Her favorite is Mr. Crinkly Cow and her pink "nubby" for teething.

She's been such a source of joy during these sad times. I've been struggling with writers block and uncertainty about what's next for Find Your Light. One thing is for certain... Pearl is now the official mascot! We're also accepting any and all training advice because someday I'd like to get her in commercials with me. (Any pet companies need a little blue boston to promote a product? We're down!) Right now we're working on simple sit with hand symbols. What should we tackle next?


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