• Alexandria Bagwell

My Exposition

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Because nothing begins without a backstory... Here's the humble start to Find Your Light.

An unknown fact about me...

In high school I was recognized on the Educational Theatre Association website as a Bronze Most Valued member for my blogs and involvement in the online theatre community. I've lately found myself once again wanting to be immersed in the online theatre world, which is a community full of love. If you have time, sit back, relax, and enjoy what I'm calling "My Exposition".


I find it extremely providential that I'm graduating this year and moving into the professional field, as well as turning the leaf on a new decade of life. Throughout this semester, God has been working on my heart about His path for me. I felt called to defy the constant pressure to specialize in one specific area of theatre. I love to act. Musical theatre has my heart, but I also thrive when I'm teaching a student piano or costume designing a show. My side passion is writing music. Dramaturgy is my guilty pleasure. I love to paint, write, create collages, and live a life immersed in art. Surely it isn't a crime to crave a way to share all of these passions?

But why a blog?

That's the basic white girl equivalent of someone saying, "I'm bored. I should start a podcast."

So the thoughts of a blog began circulating in my mind. Then I laughed in embarrassment. I told myself, that's the basic white girl equivalent of someone saying, "I'm bored. I should start a podcast". 768 miles away from Broadway do I possibly have a place in an online theatre presence? As I asked these questions, I also began slowly saturating my Instagram with theatre posts and receiving enthusiastic responses from my friends, family, and colleagues. I began to see the big picture of having a medium where I could share my passions. Around the same time, I started a daily Bible study. I've been frequently pointed to verses about purpose and Spiritual gifts. While studying God's relationship with artists shown in Exodus 31 with Bezalel, the idea for Find Your Light became fully realized.

Find Your Light

The theatre world is undoubtedly a very strange one. The average person doesn't get to spend their Friday night watching their friend's modern dance showcase. Their mornings probably don't begin with vocal warm ups or end the night with a roll-down. I want to create a blog that highlights my daily life as a creative and more importantly, shows an outlet that I needed to find when I was in high school questioning if there was a place for me in the art world. When you're onstage it's often challenging to feel whether you are "in" or "out" of the beam of the spotlight, which often results in a director calling out, "Find Your Light!" My goal is to use this blog to help others find their light or their place in the creative community. I have found my home in the arts. I celebrate that home and invite you to glimpse into its red-curtained windows in this new lifestyle blog.


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